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Softswiss and Azino 777 money Laundering.

Money Laundering scheme of Softswiss (Direx NV) via crypto currency. Montik , Kashuba , Isaev and others using Bitcoin to "wash" the profits of their online casinos , and other White label partners. Attached GGR report , shows monthly net profits of Softswiss , from their main partners platforms. Most of the platforms using Bitcoin currency as deposit.

Montik and Kashuba using notorious Azino 777 (Restricted almost everywhere) to exchange their bitcoins. The main contact for these fraud manipulations is Aleksey [email protected] [email protected] from Azino 777. Softswiss & Montik apparently were already investigated regarding their relations with Azino 777 in Ukraine. But Montik was always denying any kind of relations with the Azino 777 scam.

From our investigation we can clearly see not only deep partnership relations between Montik & Azino , but also money laundering (Exchange of BTC to FIAT) is done via Azino contacts. With the help of Pavel Kashuba , Azino 777 

The money from Azino landing several bank accounts (see attached swifts). 


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